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“I was absolutely blown away with the kindness and generosity of this place when I visited for the first time on Tuesday.”

— A comment about our Tuesday Playgroup volunteer from a new Mum.


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Greenstone Doors is a registered Charitable Trust dedicated to supporting pregnant women and their families. Our purpose is to “Support women and their whānau through pregnancy and into a future with hope.”

For many, the confirmation of a pregnancy brings unexpected and perhaps difficult changes for a family.  Greenstone Doors is there to help and to connect a whānau to a world of unconditional support.

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As the year comes to an end, we wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for being a part of Greenstone Doors' journey in 2023. Our centers will be closing on …
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We're momentarily pausing our acceptance of baby clothing donations for Greenstone Doors. This break allows us to organise and distribute your generous contributions effectively.
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Greenstone Doors is excited to announce our very first Street Appeal on November 25th. We'll be setting up collection points at various locations throughout Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt from …
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Big thanks to our amazing volunteer, Denique! She's been doing a fantastic job training Billy and Riana over the past couple of weeks to make some great coffees. And now, …
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Greenstone Doors Charitable Trust

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